Threat Assessment

What Is Threat Assessment?

Threat assessment is a preventative process used to identify warning signs and intervene before someone commits a violent act. Threat assessment connects people in distress with necessary resources to help them deal with the stressors in their lives. This team is designed to prevent a wide array of harm on campus-- not just the next school shooter.

Why Threat Assessment?

In the aftermath and lessons learned from the Virginia Tech incident in 2007, experts determined that by combining proper training and utilizing the cross-disciplinary team approach to assess threats, teams could successfully intervene to prevent violent acts on campus. Loyola’s Threat Assessment Team (TAT) includes representatives from Counseling and Health, Student Affairs, Law Enforcement, Human Resources, Risk Management, Academic Administration, and Legal Affairs, enabling the team to assess each threat with expertise from various disciplines.

Scope and Application of Threat Assessment

The University does not tolerate violence or any threats of violence on its campuses or in connection with university-sponsored events. The TAT meets regularly during the year to evaluate threat referrals, develop case management plans and, if necessary, intervene in a manner that is appropriate to the situation. They also meet as necessary to address high-risk situations or in the aftermath of an incident. When appropriate and warranted, the TAT will partner with experts to enhance the team’s capacity, including but not limited to, expert consultants, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the New Orleans Police Department, and the local Office of Homeland Security.