Threat Assessment Reporting

How Do I Report?

An Immediate Danger

Anyone who becomes aware of situations that pose an imminent threat to the safety of the Loyola community or one of its members should notify LUPD immediately by calling 9-1-1 from any campus phone or by calling (504) 865-3434. LUPD is available 24/7 and can immediately respond to a threat to the campus. This is the ONLY phone line on campus that is always monitored so threats that may pose an imminent danger to the campus should be reported here.


A Situation/Person of Concern, but not an Immediate Danger.

LUPD/TAT Members
Reports of threats that do not involve an immediate danger to the campus can be reported to any TAT member, or directly to LUPD. TAT members and LUPD officers will bring the report to the TAT, which will coordinate an appropriate response.

BIT Form
Reports concerning students can also be submitted via the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) Form. BIT Form reports that involve threats to the Loyola community are reviewed and forwarded to the TAT.

Silent Witness Form
Individuals can render anonymous reports via the Silent Witness Form: However, TAT’s ability to respond may be limited in situations when anonymous reports are made. If at all possible, TAT requests that submitting individuals provide their names when making reports.

What if I Learn Something New?

If you make a report and then learn of additional concerning information, you should make a new report to TAT. New information can indicate that an individual does not present a threat to the community, and new information can also indicate that a person who was not previously exhibiting predictive violent behavior is now doing so. TAT continues to review and assess cases as new information presents.


Recognizing that reports of this nature are highly sensitive, TAT will exercise discretion and will not unnecessarily disclose information about reports or cases managed by TAT. TAT will also do its best to maintain the anonymity of reporting persons when asked, especially in situations where disclosing the identity of the reporting person may put them in danger. However, due to the potentially serious nature of reports and cases handled by TAT, strict confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.